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Watch the National Classic

All game footage will be posted on TORQ Sports Youtube

The Student Athlete Ecosystem

TORQ Sports offers an all-in-one platform integrating data analytics, video editing, and marketing for athletes of all ages and skill levels. With its growing national presence, TORQ Sports redefines how athletes engage with their development and branding.

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Free Livestreams anytime and anywhere on TORQ Sports Youtube.

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Core Values


Providing cost-effective, inclusive sports broadcasting for athletics at all levels.


Connecting students, families, and alumni. Enhancing school spirit through live sports.


Creating an engaging, modern sports experience for athletes, coaches, and fans alike.

Highlights at the touch of a button.

Access personal highlights powered by Ai


Premium Plan

Get premium highlights in minutes on our premium plan.

The TORQ Effect


Focus on performance and fun, knowing that each moment is captured


Tune in from anywhere knowing that your child is always well taken care of


Review game film with ease, focusing on strategy and player development


Provide additional value for athletes and parents at little to no expense

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TORQ Sports

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